DIPOL Ireland

900TVL analog CCTV cameras
SatKrak prize for the best cable on the market
Transmission over loooong distances - fiber optic equipment
13th DIPOL's Summer Vacation Photo Contest 2014
SIGNAL rack cabinets - performance and completeness
We offer a wide range of LCD mounts
DVB-T modulator Signal-450
15-year warranty on Triset and Netset cables
New Terra multiswitches. Four-year warranty now!
Be legal - use certified GSM repeaters
Custom-made patch cords
Protect your electronic equipment
HDMI cables, switchers, splitters, extenders - SIGNAL HD
Polish Ministry of Economy: the most innovative product
Fiber optic cables
Technical drawings of devices in DWG and PDF formats
SIGNAL - quality for your comfort at home
Online cameras - check out our equipment!
WD1 resolution - further enhanced image quality
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