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Satellite & Terrestrial TV Combiner: SCQ-410

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Top view
Top view
The SCQ-410 combiner is dedicated to all users of individual antenna systems composed of satellite and terrestrial components. The four SAT inputs allow for combining up to four satellite signals from independent satellite dishes (or from two dishes with MONOBLOCK LNB, or from one dish with QUAD LNB) with terrestrial radio and TV signals (from any set of terrestrial antennas). The combined satellite (950-2150 MHz) and terrestrial signals (FM/DAB/DVB-T) can be transmitted via coaxial cables to outlets located in rooms (from one to up to four outlets, each for connection with a SAT receiver and television).
The signals from the one to four independent SAT+TERR paths are to be separated into the satellite band (for a satellite receiver) and the terrestrial band (for a television, stereo) by the outlet(s) located in the room(s). Any DVB-S receiver connected to an outlet will power the LNB and the preamplifier in the terrestrial antenna set (with 12 VDC; if the set has no active components, the overload protection (AUTO-OFF) will automatically cut off the power supply).
SCQ-410 has been designed only for indoor operation. Antenna systems should always be carefully connected. A new construction of the sockets used in the SCQ-410 combiner allows users to repeatedly screw and unscrew connectors without lowering the connection parameters. Each socket is equipped with a spring that signals the correct connection with a kind of "click".
Distinguishing features
  • 4x SAT + 1x TERR inputs
  • 4x (SAT + TERR) outputs
  • Compatibility with SINGLE, MONOBLOCK, QUAD LNBs
  • Powered from DVB-S receiver
  • Power for a terrestrial preamplifier (AUTO-OFF function)
  • DiSEqC compatibility
  • Plastic mounting brackets
An example antenna system with the SCQ-410 combiner. The system uses ***QUAD LNB***www.dipol.com.pl/4402*** (unlike multiswitch systems).
An example antenna system with the SCQ-410 combiner. The system uses QUAD LNB (unlike multiswitch systems).
Name SCQ-410
Frequency range
 TERR: 5-790 MHz
SAT: 950-2150 MHz
Number of inputs
 5 (4x SAT, 1x RTV)
Number of outputs
 4 (RTV+SAT)
Insertion loss TERR: ≤9 dB, SAT: ≤1.5 dB
Isolation between outputs
 > 35 dB
Max load of SAT inputs
20 VDC / 500 mA
Max load of TERR input
 12 VDC / 100 mA
Impedance 75 ohm
Operating temperature range (no condensation) +5°C…..+45°C
Dimensions (L/W) 120 / 78 mm

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