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Small size - outdoor

Antenna Preamplifier: APL-108 (VHF/UHF, shielded)

Code: B4053

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View of the amplifier and connector protectors
View of the amplifier and connector protectors
The preamplifier is designed for amplification of weak FM/DAB+ and DVB-T signals within 87-790 MHz frequency range. It can be used outdoors. The input and output impedance is 75 ohm - it means that antennas having 300 ohm impedance have to be equipped with a matching transformer e.g. C0001. The amplifier should be powered through the output (TV/12V) via the coaxial cable, from a 12 VDC power supply with RF/DC separator (also referred to as a DC injector).
We recommend to terminate the cables connected to the preamplifier with Master compression connectors. Without having the suitable compression tool, a good alternative is the application of self-compressing connectors Cabelcon E80410 .
Name APL-108
Code B4053
Operating frequency range
 87...790 MHz
 22 dB (FM), 24 dB (VHF III),
25...28 dB (UHF)
Noise figure
 2 dB
Max. output level IMD3=60 dB 96 dBμV
Power 12 VDC / 60 mA
Input connector F-f
Output connector
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How to install this kind of a preamplifier

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