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UTP Transmitter / Receiver:TR-2P+2AU (double audio-video transformer)

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View of the device
View of the device
The TR-2P+2AU Transmitter/Receiver allows to transmit video signal from two cameras, and two audio signals - by twisted pair cables (usually UTP cable). For the video signals the device adjusts 75 ohms coaxial cable impedance to twisted pair cable impedance. It guarantees video signal transmission up to 400 meters. For the audio signal the device adapts 600 ohms microphone impedance to twisted pair impedance. It guarantees audio signal transmission up to 1200 meters.
Front view
Front view
The TR-2P+2AU Transmitter/Receiver is a passive device (no power supply needed). Two devices need to be used for complete channel transmission. One of them works as a transmitter and the second as a receiver. Audio Insertion Loss for 1200 meters (two devices + line) is 6 dB.
Rear view
Rear view
Audio-Video signal transmission by twisted pair cable is cheaper than transmission by coaxial cable, and assuring good quality because the signal is transmitted differentially. It means satisfactory reduction or even elimination of interferences.
NameTR-2P+2AU Transmitter/Receiver TR-2P+2AU


Maximum range of video transmission

400 meters

Maximum range of audio transmission

1200 meters

Video insertion loss

- 0.5 dB (f=5MHz)

Audio insertion loss-1.75 dB (f=1KHz)
Video bandwidth

up to 50MHz

Video and audio input/output isolation

-50 dB min.

Video Input/Output Impedance

75 ohm

Audio Input/Output Impedance

600 ohm (f=1kHz)

Twisted Pair Input/Output Impedance

100 ohm

Coaxial Cable Video InputOutput Socket

2 X BNC socket

Audio InputOutput Socket Type

2 X CINCH socket

Audio InputOutput Socket

RJ-45 socket (8-pin, 4 pairs)


117x64x30 mm



Wiring sequence inside the RJ-45 plug.
Pin NumberColorApplication
1White/Orange signal (+) VIDEO-1
2Orange signal (-) VIDEO-1
3White/Green signal (+) VIDEO-2
4Bluesignal (-) AUDIO-L
5White/Bluesignal (+) AUDIO-L
6Greensignal (-) VIDEO-2
7White/Brownsignal (+) AUDIO-P
8Brownsignal (-) AUDIO-P
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