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Control Panel with 16...64 Zones: SATEL INTEGRA 64 Plus (main board)

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View of the Satel Integra 64 Plus control panel (main board)
View of the Satel Integra 64 Plus control panel (main board)
Satel INTEGRA control panels are advanced intruder alarm control units. The series is the most advanced line of control panels from Satel. With a broad range of extension modules ensuring scalability and expandability, they can be adapted to individual needs, from minor systems to extensive installations.
Thanks to full compliance with the requirements of EN50131 Grade 3, the INTEGRA Plus control panels are ideal for implementations of advanced security systems in facilities with a particularly high risk of burglary, such as banks, jewelry shops or public buildings and infrastructure. These units are characterized by extended functionality, which allows to use them in access control systems or even intelligent building applications. With the use of additional modules, the highly versatile panels can control lighting, heating, opening of gate/door, raising and lowering of blinds etc.
INTEGRA panels can be remotely controlled. The GUARDX application for PC computers allows for local or remote visualization of the state of the protected place and management of the system directly from the computer.
The MobileKPD-2 app turns a smartphone with a touch screen into keypad for remote operation INTEGRA alarm system. The user of the phone can at any time and anywhere in the world control the system, having access to all its features. In order to ensure safety, the communication with the control panel regardless of whether it has been established using GPRS, UMTS (3G) or WiFi, is secured by AES encryption with 192-bit key.
Features of the INTEGRA 64 Plus panel:
  • full compliance with the requirements of EN50131 Grade 3
  • built-in 2 A + 1.5 A power supply with advanced diagnostics
  • 16 (expandable to 64) programmable hardwired zones (inputs):
    • support for NO/NC, roller shutter and vibration detectors/sensors
    • support for configurations: EOL, 2EOL, 3EOL (only main board inputs)
    • programmable values of parametric resistors
    • several tens of zone types
  • 16 (expandable to 64) programmable hardwired outputs on the control panel main board:
    • 4 high-current outputs
    • 12 low-current outputs, OC type
    • over 100 functions
  • 3 power outputs (communication buses)
  • possibility to split the system into 32 partitions and 8 tenants
  • communication bus for connecting up to 8 keypads
  • two expander buses for up to 64 devices (32 devices per bus)
  • built-in telephone dialer (communicator) - event reporting, checking the alarm system status, remote control
  • USB port for programming with a PC
  • RS-232 port (RJ socket)
  • system operation with LCD keypads, key fobs and proximity cards or remotely with a PC or a mobile phone
  • 64 independent timers for automatic control
  • access control and building/home automation functions
  • event log with 5631 entries and event printing feature
  • support for up to 192+8+1 users
  • flash firmware upgrade with a PC
NameSATEL INTEGRA 64 Plus (main board)
Recommended power supply
75 VA
Number of zones (inputs)
Max. number of zones (inputs)64
Number of partitions
High-current outputs4
Low-current outputs12
Max. number of outputs
Number of timers64
Event log capacity5631 events
Max number of users192 + 8
Required current capacity of power supply3 A
Supply voltage
20 VAC (±15%)
Current consumption (board)max 400 mA
Line options
phone dialer, 300 bp modem
Max capacity of rechargeable battery
24 Ah
Supply voltage (on-board PS)
10.5..14 VDC
Max load of programmable  low-current outputs
50 mA
Max load of programmable  high-current outputs3000 mA ±10%
EN50131 certificate
Grade 3
Dimensions264 x 134 mm
Operating temperature range
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