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Anthony Tully Components Ltd. (www.atcsupplies.com) are the official distributors of Dipol products for all of Ireland. Established in 1990 DIPOL company is the European distributor of CCTV, WLAN, TV &SAT TV devices and equipment, as well as a leading manufacturer of terrestrial TV / FM antennas and hardware, and communication equipment (GSM / WLAN / Wi-Fi antennas and hardware.


Our mission
  • DIPOL is a wholesale and retail distribution company specialized in equipment for video surveillance and video transmission (CCTV, TV &SAT TV reception), as well as telecommunications (WLAN).
  • DIPOL cooperates with installation companies / businesses, providing integrated solutions for CCTV, WLAN, TV &SAT TV installations / systems.
  • DIPOL has its own Technical Department which provides technical support for the businesses at designing and preparatory stages (complete assemblage of devices and equipment).
  • DIPOL sells products directly from the headquarters, branches and offices as well as through highly advanced online store (e-Store).
  • DIPOL organizes Specialized courses for the Customers, prepares printed guides, technical articles and tips available on the website in the Library section.
  • Every week DIPOL issues DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, WLAN, CCTV, in which presents state-of-the-art concepts, describes technological advances, provides ready-to-use architectures and solutions, discusses innovative implementations.
Business Partner
DIPOL is an authorized distributor for many companies (brands), among others: ACTi, Alcad, IQinVision, Pixord, Signal, Terra, TP-Link, Marathon, ULTICAM, ULTINET, ULTIMAX, ULTISYSTEM, TRISET, TRILAN, CAMSET, NETSET, AMS, and DELTA.