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Indoor Cable: ULTIMODE ILB-2SM-A (2xG.657A1, limited bending radius)

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View of the cable
View of the cable
ULTIMODE ILB-2SM-A is a duplex (two single-mode 250 μm fibers) optical cable for indoor applications. A special construction of the cable with rectangular cross-section of the jacket plus built-in FRP reinforcing rods naturally limits the bending capability in one plane to a safe bending radius range.
The ULTIMODE ILB-2SM-A cable is designed for use inside buildings. Its lightweight design is ideal for FTTx applications such as office and home networks.
The single-mode fibers used in the cable are ITU-T G.657.A in 250 μm buffers. The G.657.A fiber is currently one of the most advanced and popular single-mode fibers, being in fact an improved version of the G.652.D fiber. The fiber can be formed into tight coils due to reduced attenuation in such conditions, whereas other parameters are even a little better (attenuation less than 0.35 dB/km at 1310 nm and less than 0.20 dB/km at 1550 nm). The special feature of this fiber type is reduced attenuation of bends/coils.
Compliance with the following standards:
  • EN 50267-2-2
  • EN50268-2
  • ISO 4892/2
Number of fibers
External dimensions
3 x 2 mm
Weight 9 kg/km
Fibers2x single-mode
G.657A 9/125 μm SUMITOMO
Minimum bending radius
30 mm
Max pulling force
80 N
Operating temperature- 30oC...70oC
Installation temperature
- 20oC...60oC


Cable structure:
1. Single-mode G.657A fibers
2. FRP rod
3. LSZH jacket (UV-resistant)
Customers can order any patch cords made to order with required terminating connectors. Please contact your sales assistant.
Price for 1 meter of ULTIMODE ILB-2SM-A L7102 cable

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