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Wall-mounted Distribution Box ULTIMODE TB-12P (IP65, with panel)

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Front view
Front view
Splice panel
Splice panel
Fiber storage place
Fiber storage place
The included accessories (C, D)
The included accessories (C, D)
Key features:
  • Wall-mounted optical fiber distribution box with IP65 rating
  • Made of special plastic with improved resistance to temperature changes and high humidity
  • For connecting up to 15 (12+3) SC simplex connectors
  • Possibility of securing 20 mechanical splices or fusion splices (cascade option)
  • Metal lock and key
  • Ease of installation, operation and maintenance.
ULTIMODE TB-12P distribution box allows for easy organization of fiber optic cables (up to 30 fibers, depending on the installed adapters). The holes inside the box are suitable for installation of fifteen SC simplex adapters (12 on the tray, 3 on the rear panel), connecting up to 15 fibers with SC or FC connectors, or up to 30 fibers with LC connectors. The tray can accommodate up to 20 mechanical or fusion splices. Small-size fusion splices can be installed in cascade.
The ULTIMODE wall distribution box allows for easy and quick installation of optical fibers. In the box there is a tray to secure up to 20 mechanical or fusion splices. The box has been intended for 3 inlet cables (factory sealed - for use as needed) and 12 + 1 output cables (12x 5 mm, 1x 12 mm). In order to prevent access by unauthorized people, the box door is equipped with a metal lock and key. The box is made of special plastic with improved resistance to temperature changes and high humidity.
The box is intended for wall mounting at the mid (branching) or end point of an optical line. It is used in internal fiber optic networks e.g. in apartment houses, office buildings, warehouses, as well as outdoors (poles, facades).
Adapters compatible with the ULTIMODE TP-12P box:
  • SC simplex - L4011, L4211, L4222
  • LC duplex - L4355, L4155
  • FC simplex - L4233
Maximum number of adapters15 (SC/FC simplex or LC duplex)

Max number of splices
20 (mechanical / fusion (cascadable))
Max number of trays
Included trays
IP rating
IP 65
Dimensions [mm]208 x 230 x 68

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