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TV Signal Distribution


Dual return path optical receiver TERRA ROS-121M

Code: R81721

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View of the receiver
View of the receiver
Rear view
Rear view
The included accessories
The included accessories
The ROS-121M R81721optical receiver cooperates with MMH-3000 TERRA headend. It receives optical signals and converts them into RF signals. It directly cooperates with optical transmitters MOS-211x (R81720 or R81720B). The receiver has two separate paths. Automatic gain control ensures a constant level of output RF signals.
Distinguishing features
  • remote monitoring function (monitoring of operation of OD-200 or OD-200P optical nodes)
  • low noise PIN photodiode detector
  • AGC based on optical input power
  • The transmitter can be switched on only when the whole link has been carefully installed.
  • It is not allowed to directly connect the optical transmitter and receiver. For testing one/both of the devices, one needs to employ appropriate attenuator.
NameOptical receiver ROS-121M
Output frequency range5-200 MHz
Optical input power -15...2 dBm
Optical wave length1100-1600 nm
RF output level95 dBuV
Output return loss18 dB
Gain adjustment30 dB (0.5 dB step)
Remote monitoring functionwith CHM Master software
Optical connectors2xSC/APC
Power187...250 V 50 Hz 12 W
Operating temperature range0...50 ºC
Dimensions485x58.5x171 mm
Weight3 kg


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