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TV Signal Distribution


Optical Node TERRA OD-002

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Top view
Top view
View after removing the top cover
View after removing the top cover
Optical node OD-002 converts optical signals into RF electrical signals. It cooperates with optical transmitters of MOS-211x series (R81720, R81720B) transmitting modulated light over single-mode optical fiber. Such optical links allow to transmit multiple channels from the headend to other locations in the city etc.
Distinguishing features
  • internal diagnostic system
  • GaAs push-pull technology
  • microprocessor controlled AGC
NameOptical node OD-002
Optical wavelength range
1100-1600 nm
Optical input level (AGC range)-7...2 dBm
Noise current densityMax. 7.0 pA/sqrt(Hz)
Output frequency range47-862 MHz
Output impedance75 Ω
Return loss18 dB/40MHz (-1.5 dB/octave)
Frequency response+/-0.75 dB
Output level (AGC ON, 4.9% OMI)106 dBuV
Output level CTB (EN50083-3)107 dBuV (42 operating channels)
Output level CSO (EN50083-3)110 dBuV (42 operating channels)
Interstage attenuator (forward path) 0-10 dB (0.5 dB step)
Interstage equalizer (forward path) 0/5/10 dB (switchable)
Supplying voltage
187-250V AC
Power consumption
6 W
Attenuation of the internal test connector (forward path)20 dB (+/-0.7)
Optical connectorSC/APC
Test point connectorsF
Operating temperature range
-20...+50 oC
Dimensions185.5x95x47 mm
Weight0.9 kg

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