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Optical Fiber Termination Box ULTIMODE TB-04H

Code: L5304

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View of the box
View of the box
Bottom view
Bottom view
Looks at the inside
The included accessories
The included accessories
Distinguishing features:
  • Optical fiber termination box for indoor applications,
  • For connecting up to 4 SC/FC or 8 LC connectors,
  • The possibility of securing 4 splices,
  • Nice look,
  • Ease of installation, operation and maintenance.
The optical fiber termination box ULTIMODE TB-04H allows for easy organization of fiber optic cables (up to 8 fibers, depending on the installed adapters.) The holes inside the box are suitable for installation of SC simplex adapters (connecting up to 4 fibers with SC or FC connectors, or up to 8 fibers with LC connectors). It is also possible to secure 4 splices.
The ULTIMODE termination box allows for easy and quick installation of optical fibers. In the box there is a place to keep additional section of the cable and secure 4 splices. The detachable outer cover is held on by clips. In addition, the box has an aesthetic appearance.
The box is intended for mounting on a wall somewhere inside the premises of the end user. It houses the termination of the fiber optic cable line coming into the premisses (apartment house, office building etc). The box is ideal for FTTH, FTTO, and FTTD systems.
Adapters compatible with the ULTIMODE TB-04H box:
  • SC simplex - L4011, L4211, L4222
  • LC duplex - L4355, L4155
  • FC simplex - L4233, L4333
Maximum number of connectors8
Compatible connectorsSC, FC - simplex
LC - duplex
Max number of splices4
Max number of trays1
Built-in tray
Cable diameter [mm]max 7
Dimensions [mm]150 x 110 x 30


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