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Safety Multi-Outlet Extension Cord with Surge Suppressor: ACAR 504WF RACK

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View ot the Multi-Outlet Extension Cord with Surge Suppressor
View ot the Multi-Outlet Extension Cord with Surge Suppressor
The included accessories
The included accessories
Acar 504 WF RACK extension cord is designed for supplying power safely to up to five devices mounted in a 19" rack cabinet. The device from Acar 504 series has 5 outlets with grounding that, thanks to the application of quick varistors, ensure protection against surges occurring in 230 VAC power line. The power strip is equipped with illuminated switch and two fast fuses. A highly efficient RFI filter built into the 504 WF model is an important advantage in the case of powering audio-video devices, measurement systems, computers, communication equipment. The included hardware allows for mounting the strip in a 19" RACK cabinet as a 2U module. The ergonomic and aesthetic item is made of high quality non-flammable materials.
Key features
  • 5 AC power outlets with grounding contact
  • Power ON indicator (illuminated switch)
  • Two fast fuses
  • Quick varistors
  • Efficient RFI filter
  • Inflammable housing (self-extinguishing plastics)
  • Ergonomic layout
  • Hardware for mounting in a 19" rack cabinet
AC network frequency [Hz]50
Maximum total  output current [A]10
HousingSelf-extinguishing plastics
Number of power outlets
AC cord length [cm]
Surge suppressor response time [ns]<25
Rated voltage of surge suppressor250 VAC / 50 Hz
Protection level Up [kV]<1.3
RFI suppression level
55 dB
Rated discharge current In2 kA (L/N) - 8/20 μs
Maximum discharge current Imax 6.5 kA (L/N) - 8/20 μs
2x 10 A / 250 VAC
Dimensions [mm]385x59x55
Weight [kg]0.54

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