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SAT-Finder Schwaiger SF9002 (SAT identification, built-in rech. battery)

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View of the device
View of the device
Another view of the device
Another view of the device
The included accessories
The included accessories
View of the packaging
View of the packaging
Key features
  • Quick and precise alignment for 18 satellites
  • DiSEqC function for easy adjustment of dishes with Monoblock LNBs
  • Precise LED scale showing signal strength and quality (quasi-BER)
  • Powerful LEDs for good visibility in daylight
  • Compatibility with all LNB types: single, twin, quad, octo, quattro an unicable (via 'legacy' port)
  • Powered form built-in rechargeable battery
  • Firmware update from PC via USB (change of transponders)
  • BNC input (BNC - F adapter included)
  • IP54 rating
The satellite finder SF9000 from German company Schwaiger is an interesting product for installers of individual satellite systems. The device is equipped with an LED indicator that identifies the current satellite and two other indicators, showing level and quality of the signal (the latter can be interpreted as indication of the bit error rate - BER). This reliable device operates very quickly.
The finder is also suitable for the less experienced installers who can locate a desired position going from satellite to satellite and having information on each position and name of the satellite. The set of satellites that can be identified includes even less popular ones. The range covers positions from 30W (Hispasat) to 53E (Express AM22). Each position is identified by the transponder marker placed in the memory of the device. The transponder list is continually updated and can be downloaded from the manufacturer's site (using RS-232 interface - the cable is not included).
List of identified satellite positions:
  • 30° West / HISPASAT
  • 08° West / EUTELSAT 8
  • 07° West / NILESAT
  • 05° West / EUTELSAT 5
  • 04° West / AMOS
  • 01° West / THOR
  • 05° East / ASTRA 4
  • 07° East / EUTELSAT 7
  • 09° East / EUTELSAT 9
  • 13° East / HOTBIRD
  • 16° East / EUTELSAT 16
  • 19.2° East / ASTRA
  • 23.5° East / ASTRA 3
  • 26.0° East / BADR
  • 28.5° East / EUTELSAT 28
  • 39.0° East / HELLAS SAT2
  • 42.0° East / TÜRKSAT
  • 53.0° East / EXPRESS AM22
Power12 VDC
Power consumption
4W (without LNB load)
Weight350 g
Dimensions92x165x27 mm



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