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TV Signal Distribution


SAT-IF i DVB-T Optical Receiver / Converter FibSZ-QUAD

Code: A9883

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Front view
Front view
Side view
Side view
Bottom view
Bottom view
The included AC/DC adapter (PSU)
The included AC/DC adapter (PSU)
The receiver/converter has been designed to replicate satellite IF, DVB-T and FM/DAB signals coming in optical form from FibSZ-ODU32 transmitter via a passive optical network. The device has 4 outputs allocating the output RF signals as four SAT-IF polarization/band pairs (VL-HL-VH-HH) combined with terrestrial DVB-T + DAB + FM signals.
Receiver is compatible with FibSZ-ODU32 KIT set as well as with Opto-LNBF A9885 optical LNB.
NameSAT-IF & DVB-T Optical Receiver / Converter FibSZ-QUAD
Code A9883
Wavelength (optical input)1310/1550 nm
Frequency ranges
174 ... 5450 MHz
DAB: 174 ... 230 MHz
DVB-T: 470 ... 854 MHz
SAT: 950 ... 5450 MHz
Input optical power-15 ... 0 dBm
Aggregate equivalent RF power-50 ... -20 dBm
Satellite transponder power range-72 ... -42 dBm
Frequency rangesHH (pol./band)18 V / 22 kHz
VH (pol./band)13 V / 22 kHz
HL (pol./band)18 V / 0 kHz
VL (pol./band)13 V / 0 kHz
Gainmax 36 dB
Gain adjustment range35 dB
Rated output levelsSAT 2.15 GHz-38 ... -34 dBm
SAT 1 GHz-39 ... -35 dBm
Impedance75 ohm
Isolation between outputs30 dB
RFDVB-T470 MHz ... 854 MHz
DAB174 MHz ... 230 MHz
Gainmax 21 dB
Gain adjustment range
35 dB
Rated output levelsDVB-T 854 MHz-46 ... -42 dBm
DVB-T 470 MHz-47 ... -43 dBm
DAB-63 ... -59 dBm
Operating temperature0°C ... 50°C
Storage temperature-10°C ... 50°C
Current consumption
max 600 mA
Supplying voltage (PSU incl.)20 V
Optical connector
RF connectors
F (female)


The diagram below shows an example of an optical SMATV system based on COMSAT devices for distribution of satellite, DVB-T, and DAB signals.
An optical SMATV system
An optical SMATV system

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